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Manning Electric is a full line Distributor for the following products:

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 Advance Transformer Company
Advance Transformer Company manufactures Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Lighting. Advance Ballasts provide the benefits of reliability, versatility, energy efficiency and long service life in millions of installations worldwide. Visit the Advance Transformer Homepage at
MagneTek manufactures Linear Fluorescent Ballasts, Compact Fluorescent Ballasts, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts, Dimming Ballasts, Sign Ballasts and Neon Ballast products. Visit the MagneTek Homepage at
 Robertson Transformer
Robertson Worldwide manufactures Fluorescent Ballasts, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts, Flashing Ballasts and Dimming Ballasts for the lighting industry. Visit the Robertson Worldwide Homepage at

Batteries, Flashlights & Lanterns

 Bright Star
Koehler Bright Star manufactures Industrial Flashlights, Safety Approved Flashlights and Lanterns, Police Flashlights, Security Flashlights, Fire and Rescue Flashlights, Medical Flashlights, Rechargeable Flashlights, Head Lamps, Director® Flashlights and Batteries. Visit the Koehler Bright Star Homepage at
Duracell manufactures CopperTop Alkaline Batteries, Photo/Electronic Batteries, Lithium Photo Batteries, Alkaline Lantern Batteries, Watch Batteries, Hearing Aid Batteries, Super Heavy Duty Plus Batteries (Mallory), Special Application Batteries. Visit the Duracell Homepage at
 EvereadyEnergizer Bunny
Eveready manufactures Industrial Alkaline Batteries, Electronic/Medical Batteries, Lithium Coin Batteries, Lithium Photo Batteries, Hearing Aid Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries, Electronic/Communication Batteries, Industrial Flashlights, Safety Flashlights and Lanterns. Visit the Eveready Homepage at
 Fulton Industries Inc.
Fulton Industries Inc. manufactures Marine Flashlights, Coast Guard (ASTM)/Solas Approved Flashlights Flote-Lites/Safety Lights, Omnilite/Headlight, Krypton Flashlights and Lanterns.Visit the Fulton Industries Homepage at
 Pelican Products Company
Pelican Products manufactures powerful pocket lights to large hand-held work lights. Pelican lights are used by police and fire departments, the US military and search and rescue teams worldwide. Powerful submersible flashlights have Xenon® Laser Spot beams to penetrate water and fog. Visit the Pelican Products Homepage at
 Stewart R. Browne
Stewart R. Browne manufactures a complete line of safety permissible flashlights and portable explosionproof lights for OSHA defined confined spaces as well as a line of quality static grounding clamps and assemblies. Visit the Stewart R. Browne Homepage at

Marine Controllers

 Cutler Hammer
Cutler-Hammer, a part of Eaton Corporation, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical control products and power distribution equipment. Visit the Cutler-Hammer Homepage at
 Cutler Hammer
Westinghouse, a part of Eaton Corporation, has been combined with the Cutler-Hammer line, a leading manufacturer of electrical control products and power distribution equipment. Visit the Cutler-Hammer Homepage at

Connectors , Cable Ties, Heat Shrink & Tape

 3M Electrical Products
3M Electrical Products manufactures Electrical Tapes, Wire Connectors, Terminals, Terminal Kits and Tools, Lugs and Connectors, Fastening Products, Wire Marking and Identifying Products, Aerosols, Coatings and Lubricants, Heat Tracers, Circuit Tracers, Moisture-Resistant Products, Personal Safety Products, Splice Kits and Heat Shrinkable Products. Visit the 3M Electrical Products Homepage at
 Mueller Electric
Mueller Electric Company manufactures Electrical / Electronic Test Accessories. Products include Fully Insulated Banana Plug Cables, Fully Insulated BNC/BNC and BNC/Banana Adaptors, Safety Oscilloscope Probes, Test Interconnects, Insulated Alligator Clips, Safety Test Prods, General Purpose Accessories, Variable Length Test Prods and General Purpose Test Prods. Visit the Mueller Electric Homepage at
 Thomas & Betts
Thomas &Betts Product Lines Include:
T&B American Electric Lighting — Roadway, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Lighting Products
T&B Blackburn — Service Entrance Products, Ground Rods and Clamps
T&B Cen-Tray® — Modular Center-Spine Cable Tray Systems
T&B Color-Keyed — Compression Connectors, Overhead and Underground Connectors, Grounding Tools and Service Entrance Products
T&B E-Z-Code® — Identification Products and Accessories for Electrical Construction and Maintenance
T&B Hazlux — Industrial Lighting Fixtures for Hazardous Locations and Adverse Environments
T&B MIPCO™ — Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles for the Refrigerated and Container Industry
T&B Russellstoll® — Electrical Interconnection Systems for Heavy Duty Applications
T&B Shield-Kon® — Connectors
T&B Shrink-Kon® — Heavy Wall and Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing and Insulation Products
T&B Sta-Kon® — Wire Termination Products
T&B Steel City — Cellular Underfloor Duct, Conventional Underfloor Duct, Trench Duct, Wall Duct, Steel Switch Boxes, Outlet Boxes, Covers, Outdoor Electrical Products, Union Box Nonmetallic Boxes and Covers
T&B T&B Cable Tray Systems — Cable Tray Systems
T&B T&B Circuit Protective Equipment — Loadcenters, Meter Breaker Combinations, Anchor Meter Sockets, Multiple Metering, Circuit Breakers
T&B T&B Conduit Fittings — Conduit Fittings and Connectors for EMT, Rigid, Armored Flex, Jacketed Metal Clad Cable, Liquidtight, Portable Cord and Romex
T&B T&B Electrician Supplies — Wire Connectors, Fishtape, Wire Pulling Lubricant, Electrician's Tools
T&B T&B Enclosures — NEMA and JIC Rated Enclosures and Accessories
T&B T&B Surface Raceway Systems — Metallic and Nonmetallic Surface Raceway, Multioutlet Strips, Prewired Surface Raceway Systems, Power Poles
T&B T&B Wire Management Systems — Bowers Modular Surface Raceway and Accessories, Plugger Outlet Strips, ultra-Power Prewired Surface Raceway System and Metallic Surface Raceway
T&B Taylor — Wiring Duct
T&B Ty-Duct® — Wiring Duct
T&B Ty-Rap® — Cable Fastening Products
Visit the Thomas & Betts Homepage at


 Bussmann Mfg.
Bussmann® is a leading manufacturer of fuses and fusible protection systems. Bussmann products include the most extensive circuit protection solutions approved for use in a variety of major standards and a wide range of applications. Visit the Bussmann Homepage at
 Ferraz Shawmut
Ferraz Shawmut has been a leader in the field of fuse protection since 1985, when it began as the Shawmut Fuse Wire Company. Ferraz Shawmut engineers have pioneered in identifying the needs of the expanding electrical industry and developing the fuses to protect it. Visit the Ferraz Shawmut Homepage at

Insulating Liquids & Cleaners

 CRC Industries
CRC® is an industry leader when it comes to choosing chemical maintenance products. CRC® products include: cleaners, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, greases, oils, additives, spray paints and specialty products. Visit the CRC® Homepage at
 WD40 Company
WD-40® Company WD-40 Company has been providing the world with top-quality, multi-purpose products for over 40 years. With a household name like WD-40, users know they can trust a brand that cleans, penetrates, protects, and lubricates just about anything. Teamed-up with 3-IN-ONE Oil, we've got all of your lubrication needs covered.

WD-40 Company's family also includes Lava, the original heavy-duty hand cleaner, which has earned a reputation as the brand to use on even the dirtiest of hands. The full line of WD-40 Company products now fulfills every do-it-yourselfer's need to complete even the largest of tasks.

Visit the WD40 Homepage at


Osram-Sylvania, a Siemens company, is one of the three largest lighting and precision materials and components companies in the world. Osram-Sylvania manufactures and markets a wide range of lighting products and other products for consumers, and for corporate customers in the automotive, computer, and aerospace markets, as well as many other major worldwide industries. Visit the Osram-Sylvania Homepage at

Marine Lighting, Heat, Plugs & Receptacles

 Aqua Signal Corp.
Aqua Signal® is a world leading maritime lighting manufacturer. Aqua Signal fixtures can be found on most every type of ship from runabouts to cruise ships and tankers. Aqua Signal navigation lights are approved for use in over 21 countries. Visit the Aqua Signal Homepage at
Empco-Lite® is a manufacturer of portable marine navigation lights. Empco-Lite's products include Navigational Barge Lights, Mooring Lights, Pilot Location Lights, Dredge Lights, All Round Lights and Anchor Lights. Many of these lights meet U.S.C.G. Standards. Visit the Empco-Lite Homepage at
  Fostoria Industries
Fostoria Industries, Inc. manufactures Dock Lighting , Machine Tool Lighting, Portable Utility Lighting, Illuminated Magnifiers, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Hazardous Location Heaters, Unit Heaters, Overhead Infrared Heaters, Portable Infrared Heaters and Portable Forced Air Heaters. Visit the Fostoria Homepage at
  Meltric Corporation
Meltric Corporation has been manufacturing and selling high quality, heavy duty, exceptionally safe and reliable plugs and receptacles for almost forty years. Visit the Meltric Homepage at
 MIPCO Division of Thomas & Betts
MIPCO manufactures Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles for the Refrigerated and Container Industry. MIPCO has been a recognized leader in the "reefer" industry for over 30 years.
 Pauluhn Electric Mfg. Co., Inc.
Pauluhn Electric Mfg. Co., Inc. has an extensive line of marine and industrial electrical products. Pauluhn has been designing and manufacturing electrical and lighting equipment since 1924. Visit the Pauluhn Homepage at
PERKO® is a manufacturer of marine navigation lights, searchlights, hardware and accessories. Visit the PERKO Homepage at
Phoenix Products Company, Inc. manufactures a wide range of long-lasting, quality marine fluorescents, floodlights, and searchlights. Designed to provide superior light output under the most adverse of conditions: such as salt-water, temperature changes, weathering from the sun, and constant exposure to moisture, Phoenix marine-rated fixtures offer unique construction characteristics that no one else can match. Visit the Phoenix Homepage at
  Russell & Stoll Div. of Thomas & Betts
Russellstoll® manufactures Electrical Interconnection Systems for Heavy Industrial / Marine Applications.Visit the Russellstoll Homepage at

Meters & Instruments

AMPROBE is an established leader in quality test equipment for professionals in the electrical, HVAC, construction, and maintenance markets. Amprobe manufactures primarily hand-held devices, which are the preferred choice of professionals for testing and measuring electrical properties in various field applications. Amprobe's feature-rich products have a reputation for high reliability at competitive prices. Primary products include clamp-on ammeters, multimeters (volt/amp/ohmmeters), circuit tracers, harmonic analyzers, ultrasonic leak detectors, and refrigerant recovery products (through the acquisition of Promax). All sales are made through distributors. Visit the Amprobe Homepage at
Simpson Electric Company produces electronic instrumentation world renowned for reliability and quality. With over 2000 panel meter designs and nearly 100 different test and measurement instruments, Simpson offers the most complete range of products in the industry. Visit the Simpson Homepage at

Signal & Audio

 Cableform Incorporated
Cableform Incorporated has manufactured Audio Electronic Megaphones in the U.S.A. for more than 40 years. Their quality, durability and serviceability is unsurpassed. They contain the latest technology in solid-state silicon amplifiers for the highest quality of voice projection. Audio Electronic Megaphones are the most rugged units available. Your Audio Electronic Megaphone can give you years of reliable service. Visit the Cableform Homepage at
Edwards products include a full range of audible signals: bells, chimes, buzzers, horns, multi-tone signals, air horns and sirens. These signals provide a wide range of audio outputs, from a soft melodic chime tone to outdoor signals suitable for wide area evacuation systems. Visit the Edwards Homepage at
 Federal Sign & Signal
Federal Signal Corporation, founded in 1901, is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of safety, signaling and communications equipment, fire rescue products, street sweeping and vacuum loader vehicles, parking control equipment, custom on-premise signage, carbide cutting tools, precision punches and related die components. Visit the Federal Signal Homepage at
 Hose McCann Telephone Company
Hose McCann Telephone Company Sound Powered Telephones are designed to provide communications without the use of batteries or other outside sources of current. The only energy required is the sound of your voice talking into the microphone. Other Hose-McCann products are: Fully Automatic Dial Telephone Systems, Rudder Angle Indicators, Navigational Light Panels, Engineers Signal and Alarm Panels, Alarm Bells, and Associated Mil-Spec items. Visit the Hose McCann Homepage at

Wiring Devices

 Arrow Hart
Arrow Hart high-quality wiring devices can be found in houses, apartments, hospitals and other demanding commercial and industrial construction projects. Arrow Hart offers one of the world's most complete lines of wiring devices for use in commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Products include: straight blade devices, locking devices, AC/DC switches, manual contactors/disconnect switches, IEC 309 pin and sleeve devices, wall plates, hospital grade devices, isolated ground devices, corrosion resistant devices, GFCI devices, surge suppressors, and weather protective devices and covers. Visit the Arrow Hart website at
 Daniel Woodhead Company
Daniel Woodhead Company, founded in 1922, is a manufacturer of quality specialty electrical products that are sold worldwide. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, and with several manufacturing facilities based in North America, Daniel Woodhead Company has long been known for its diverse line of high-quality electrical products. Visit the Daniel Woodhead Homepage at
 Eagle Electric
Eagle Electric has been a technological and market leader in the wiring device industry since opening in 1920. Every item is designed, engineered, and produced to the highest specifications in the industry. Eagle's manufacturing capabilities span the globe from the shores of the U.S. to the Far East, achieving the perfect balance of superior product quality and exceptional value. Visit the Eagle Electric Homepage at
 McGill Manufacturing
McGill specializes in the production of the world's most complete line of portable and temporary lighting products and systems; utility lighting, lamp protection and lampchangers; a diverse line of durable and flexible cord reels; standard and custom design switches; and a variety of machine tool and other general purpose lighting products. Visit the McGill Homepage at

Wire & Cable

 American Insulated Wire
American Insulated Wire Corporation was founded in 1924 and became a subsidiary of the Leviton Manifacturing Company in 1936. American's extensive line includes portable, power, telecommunications, electronic and control cable as well as building wire and cord sets. Visit American's Homepage at

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