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Thomas & Betts
Thomas &Betts Product Lines Include:
T&B American Electric Lighting — Roadway, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Lighting Products
T&B Blackburn — Service Entrance Products, Ground Rods and Clamps
T&B Cen-Tray® — Modular Center-Spine Cable Tray Systems
T&B Color-Keyed — Compression Connectors, Overhead and Underground Connectors, Grounding Tools and Service Entrance Products
T&B E-Z-Code® — Identification Products and Accessories for Electrical Construction and Maintenance
T&B Hazlux — Industrial Lighting Fixtures for Hazardous Locations and Adverse Environments
T&B MIPCO™ — Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles for the Refrigerated and Container Industry
T&B Russellstoll® — Electrical Interconnection Systems for Heavy Duty Applications
T&B Shield-Kon® — Connectors
T&B Shrink-Kon® — Heavy Wall and Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing and Insulation Products
T&B Sta-Kon® — Wire Termination Products
T&B Steel City — Cellular Underfloor Duct, Conventional Underfloor Duct, Trench Duct, Wall Duct, Steel Switch Boxes, Outlet Boxes, Covers, Outdoor Electrical Products, Union Box Nonmetallic Boxes and Covers
T&B Thomas & Betts Cable Tray Systems — Cable Tray Systems
T&B Thomas & Betts Circuit Protective Equipment — Loadcenters, Meter Breaker Combinations, Anchor Meter Sockets, Multiple Metering, Circuit Breakers
T&B Thomas & Betts Conduit Fittings — Conduit Fittings and Connectors for EMT, Rigid, Armored Flex, Jacketed Metal Clad Cable, Liquidtight, Portable Cord and Romex
T&B Thomas & Betts Electrician Supplies — Wire Connectors, Fishtape, Wire Pulling Lubricant, Electrician's Tools
T&B Thomas & Betts Enclosures — NEMA and JIC Rated Enclosures and Accessories
T&B Thomas & Betts Surface Raceway Systems — Metallic and Nonmetallic Surface Raceway, Multioutlet Strips, Prewired Surface Raceway Systems, Power Poles
T&B Thomas & Betts Wire Management Systems — Bowers Modular Surface Raceway and Accessories, Plugger Outlet Strips, ultra-Power Prewired Surface Raceway System and Metallic Surface Raceway
T&B Taylor — Wiring Duct
T&B Ty-Duct® — Wiring Duct
T&B Ty-Rap® — Cable Fastening Product


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