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 Russell & Stoll Div. of Thomas & Betts Russellstoll® manufactures Electrical Interconnection Systems for Heavy Industrial / Marine Applications.


Russellstoll Line Selections for Outdoor (and Indoor) Applications

4P5W + 2 Opt.
30 thru 600A

The widest range and toughest construction. Safety, durability and performance by design, in copper-free cast aluminum epoxy powder coated housings. Built to last, from 30 through 400/600 amp applications, with a full interlock line too. Optional 2 control contacts and over 200 individual voltage polarization options through 600VAC/250VDC, 4P5W. DurOring sealed pins, sleeves and interiors.
4P4W Max.
30 thru 200A
Tough service in metal for many industrial applications, the J-Line offers a value alternative to MaxGuard in 3P4W, 30-200 Amp applications with less severe needs. Unique among competitors, the J-Line uses a reversible contact carrier, for maximum flexibility in many portable service applications.
to 4P5W
20 thru 30A
The toughest construction in thermoplastic safety, durability and performance by design, in UL94-V0 flame rated DuraV material. With DurOring sealed pins, sleeves and interiors, watertight even unmated. A30& 50A unique Circuit Breaker Interlock line in DuraV is the best choice in all standard voltage polarization options through 600VAC (Interlock to 480VAC).
to 3P4W
20 thru 30A
Rough Service users can specify the FS/FD in aluminum or brass for marine duty. In 20 and 30A ratings, many installations an also mate directly to DuraGuard units. Switched or Circuit Breakered Interlocks are also available in brass or aluminum. Our large installed base can be supported with many construction & product options.
20 thru 50A
USCG Accepted 20-50A convenience Interlocked Receptacles accept FS/FD and some DuraGuard plugs. Built for rough service installations in aluminum or brass, in Switched or Circuit Breaker formats. Extreamly heavy duty designs for maximum durability.
IEC (IP67)
to 4P5W
20 to 100A
Thermoplastic International standard 309-2 or CEE-17 type connector lines useage is growing, especially in OEM, export and standard performance applications. The IP67 style is watertight when mated and directly interchangeable with other manufacturers. International designations shadow U.S. ratings: 20/16, 30/32, 60/63, and 100/125.
to 3P4W
20 & 30A
A new thermoplastic option to 20/30A standard Ever-Lok plugs and connectors. 20 and 30A plugs will mate directly to standard Ever-Lok receptacles, with Dura Tite plugs and connectors. Clamp or conduit options complete a flexible value option for new and existing insallations.
Standard & Midget Series
to 3P4W
15 thru 50A
Steel self-locking housings make the Standard and Midget Ever-Loks famous for their endurance in punishing factory installations. Clamp, bushing or hub fitting cable entries are offered for both, with Standard Ever-Lok available at 20, 30, and 50A over the 15A Midget Ever-Lok. Standard voltage polarizations are maintained in these lines through 480VAC.
Heavy Service
to 4P5W
30 thru 100A
The standard in portable welding installations, from 30 to 100A. Rugged aluminum housings and self-locking upon insertion, HSE series products are ideal for indoor factory use. With unique "handle" designs, a simple 1/8 turn counter-clockwise releases plug for withdrawal. Switched/fused or circuit breaker interlocks in several configurations are also offered.


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