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Arrow Hart

Arrow Hart high-quality wiring devices can be found in houses, apartments, hospitals and other demanding commercial and industrial construction projects. Arrow Hart offers one of the world's most complete lines of wiring devices for use in commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Products include: straight blade devices, locking devices, AC/DC switches, manual contactors/disconnect switches, IEC 309 pin and sleeve devices, wall plates, hospital grade devices, isolated ground devices, corrosion resistant devices, GFCI devices, surge suppressors, and weather protective devices and covers.


Eagle Electric
Eagle Electric has been a technological and market leader in the wiring device industry since opening in 1920. Every item is designed, engineered, and produced to the highest specifications in the industry. Eagle's manufacturing capabilities span the globe from the shores of the U.S. to the Far East, achieving the perfect balance of superior product quality and exceptional value.


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